Duracell Products from PSA

Your partner for Duracell Rechargeable Batteries

PSA as a strategic partner with Procter and Gamble, an authorised European licensee and distributor for all Duracell products. Duracell the worlds largest disposable battery manufacturer delivering a brand you can trust and all your personal power needs. The full Duracell range covers the following categories:

  • Complete range of Alkaline and rechargeable batteries for your everyday needs through to high drain devices
  • Smartphone chargers at home and in the car
  • Portable USB charges ensuring you never get caught without power in your mobile phone
  • Camera and camcorder batteries delivering Duracell performance to your digital camera
  • Duracell memory, from USB sticks, class 10 SD cards and compact flash
  • Quality torches for all occasions

Multi-purpose Batteries, Chargers & Testers

Accessories and Travel Chargers

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