Asus Bærbar minne

Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 6000 different laptops. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your laptop model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

  • Original Part Numbers

    04G001618612 04G001618614 04G001618650 04G001618653 04G001618665 04G0016186H0
  • Asus Bærbar minne

    A7Sv 7S007C A7Sv 7S009C A7Sv 7S011C A7Sv 7S055C A7U 7P274C A7U 7S046C A8E 4P008E A8E 4P070E A32-K52 A41-X550A A41-X550E EEE PC 1005 EEE PC 1201N Seashell F3E AP036E F3E AP073C F3E AP075C F3E AP246E F3E AP259C F3E AP272C F3E AP316C F3E AP318E F3E AS090E F3Ka AP013C F3Ka AS014C F3Sa AS004G F3Sa AS006G F3Sa AS008G F3Sg AP015C F3Sg AP081C F3Sv AK039E F3Sv AK151C F3Sv AK187C F3Sv AP073G F3Sv AP075G F3Sv AP077G F5RL AP027P F5RL AP033C F5RL AP035C F5RL AP157P F5RL AP205C F5RL AP238E F5RL AP246P F5RL AP295C F5RL AP306E F5RL AP363E F5RL AP545C F5RL AP567P F5SL AP016C F5VL AP011C F5VL AP012C F5VL AP030C F5VL AP032C F5VL AP128C F5VL AP514C F5VL AS028C F6V 3P087C F6V 3P088C F7E 7S031C F7E 7S039E F7E 7S072E F7E 7S081C F7Kr 7S013C F7L 7S023C F7Se 7S059C F7Se 7S104E F7Sr 7S128C F9E 2P002C F9E 2P045C F9E 2P101E F9E 2P119E F9E 2P175E F9E 2P211C F9E 2P211E F551CA F555LN G1S A1 G1S AK005C G1S AK005G G1S AK111G G1Sn AK014C G1Sn AK047C G2S 7R023G G2S 7R024C G2S 7T109G G2S A4 G2Sg 7R013J G2Sg 7R014C G50V A1 G50V A2 G50V AK089C G50V AS057C G50V EP048C G50V EX119C G50Vt A2 G70S 7S007C G70S 7S018C G70S 7S019C G70S 7T025G G70S A1 K50IJ K52F K53 K53E K53S K55A K55VD K56CB K450 K550 L50VN AK005C Lamborghini VX2Se AK001G Lamborghini VX2Se AK002G Lamborghini VX3 2P001G Lamborghini VX3 2P003G Lamborghini VX3 2P011G Lamborghini VX3 2P012G Lamborghini VX3 A1Y M50SA AK060C M50Sv A1 M50Sv AS027C M50Sv B1 M50Vm A1 M50Vm AK005G M50Vm AK014C M50Vm B2 M50Vm B4 M51Se AP002C M51Se AP055C M51Se AP089C M51Se AS112C M51Sn A1 M51Sn C1 M51TA AP009C M51TA AS008C M70Sr 7S020C M70VM 7T031C M70VM 7T032C M70VM 7U047C M70VM B1 M70VR 7S029C M70VR 7S038C N10J HV011E N51VN A1 N55 N56VM N56VZ N61Ja JX046X N61Jq JX011V N61Jq JX021V N61JV JX049V N61JV JX074V N61JV JX081V N61JV JX438V N61Vg JX070V N61Vn JX180V N552VW N752VX U2E 1P014E U2E 1P018E U2E 1P047E U2E 1P051E U2E 1P057E U6V 2P001E U6V 2P016E U6V 2P048C U6V A1 U6VC 2P002C U6VC 2P015E U6VC 2P025C U6VC 2P038C UL20A 2X140V UL20A A1 UX30 QX011C V1Sn AK045E(KM) X50RL AP227P X50RL AP311C X50RL AP352E X50RL AP353E X50RL AP354C X50RL AP999P X51L AP065C X53S X58C AP008A X58C AP008E X58L AP004C X58L AP004E X71Q 7S002C X71Q 7S066C X71SL 7S020C X71SL 7S021E X71SL 7S025C X71Sr 7S024C X540LA X550 X550C X550LA X551M X552C X552L X553MA X555L