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Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 6000 different laptops. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your laptop model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

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Original Part Numbers

G1 AK005C G1 AK005P G1S A1 G1S AK005C G1S AK005G G1S AK111G G1Sn AK014C G1Sn AK047C G2Pc 7R004C G2S 7R023G G2S 7R024C G2S 7T109G G2S A4 G2Sg 7R013J G2Sg 7R014C G50V A1 G50V A2 G50V AK089C G50V AS057C G50V EP048C G50V EX119C G50Vt A2 G60J JX070V G60JX JX122V G60Vx JX040C G60Vx JX040V G60Vx JX128V G70S 7S007C G70S 7S018C G70S 7S019C G70S 7T025G G70S A1 G73SW 91136Z G73SW A1 G73SW TZ083V G73SW TZ264V
04G001617619 04G00161761B 04G001617652 04G001617659 04G001617660 04G00161767H 04G001618612 04G001618614 04G001618650 04G001618653 04G001618665 04G0016186H0 90-N61SD6600
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